Andreas Kindler von Knobloch and Tanad Williams' practice is a form of research driven object-making and site specific installation. After supporting one another in different projects over several years they began to work together along with Tom Watt in 2016. Their collaborations often include opportunistic transformations of space and specific objects built for or against a function. In their separate practices Andreas Kindler von Knobloch and Tanad Williams are interested in sociology, art theory, architecture, language and the history of art practices as well as the fabrication and creation process used by artists. Working within ‘material navigation’, a concept developed within their collaborative practice. This concept refers primarily to a navigational sense they create for our surroundings based on our perception of the materials and their properties. In 2019 Andreas Kindler von Knobloch and Tanad Williams were invited to teach the design and construction of a timber frame Slovenian Apiary in a remote village in Japan. This project brought together their sense of a site specific and materially conscious critique of mid-century Modernism with an egalitarian notion of construction and the Ruskinian ‘Gothic building site’.

Selected exhibitions include: Brute Clues (2016) in the Project Arts Centre, Dublin curated by Tessa Giblin; Museum Of Mythological Waterbeasts (2018) commissioned by Ormston House, Limerick; Architecture of Change (2018) commissioned by Mary Cremin of VOID, Derry; Misplaced Concreteness (2018-ongoing) curated by Grizedale Arts, UK; Dream of Kiwanosato (2018-ongoing) Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan. Staring forms, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin, (2019).