TBG+S welcomes French artist Lola Gonzàlez as part of a new residency

18 August 2016

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is delighted to welcome French artist Lola Gonzàlez as part of a new Residency which is a partnership between TBG+S and the Embassy of France. This residency allows Lola to work from a studio here at TBG+S for the duration of one month.

This Residency is aimed exclusively at French artists working in Moving Image, and is supported by the French Embassy Ireland and l’Institut Francais. It came about through conversations with La Galerie, Noisy Le Sec, a contemporary art centre in North Paris, and its Director, Emilie Renard. Representatives from TBG+S and Critical Forum Dublin artists selected the French artist Lola Gonzalez. During her time at TBG+S Lola Gonzales she will research and write material for a new film and will engage with Critical Forum Dublin – a discussion group for practitioners, critics and curators who have an investment in the future of artist moving image.

Lola Gonzàlez was born in 1988 in Angoulême, France. She lives between Brest and Paris. A graduate of the Fine Arts School of Lyon (2012), her work has been exhibited in several French and international institutions. Whether in writing, production, or the choice to work with her friends, the film works of Lola Gonzalez consider authenticity, spontaneity and fluidity, and is built with simple visual forms. From the individual to the common, she questions us about the power of the collective, and its limits too.

Image: Lola Gonzàlez in Studio 10 at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (Photo: Aisling Reddin)