Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is delighted to launch an open call for artist books for inclusion in Dublin Art Book Fair 2023: Polyphonic

As a centre for the contemporary artist book, Dublin Art Book Fair (DABF) is saluted for how it embraces arts practices, publishing and artist-run culture at the intersection of art, design, writing, contemporary culture and contemporary life.

The artist book section at DABF features books made by contemporary artists, designers, art writers and others, who experiment in a myriad of ways with the medium of the book and its potential for artistic expression. Every year DABF is impressed by the exceptional artist books, both as printed and hand-made editions, and the versatility in which the book form becomes a space for creativity. The featured artist books are selected by our curatorial team through the open call, and include artist books by invited artists.

Wendy Erskine is this year’s guest curator. Polyphonic is her theme.

Henry J Lyons are proud sponsors of Dublin Art Book Fair 2023. Funded by the Arts Council, DABF is also supported by Dublin UNESCO City of Literature.

Image description: Various books are laid out on a plywood table top, spaced evenly. In the centre is a bundle of coloured paper bookets in various sizes wrapped together by a green paper band. They read ‘Smilin’’ and ‘Smiles’ is just legible. To the right of this is a green book with white text reading ‘A Short Illustrated Guide to Interacting with People’. In the left hand corner is a green book with black text reading ‘the land for the people’. There are other books of various media, colour and size that our out of focus in the image.

How to Apply

Please download and read the application guidelines carefully before completing your application. Send your completed application to info@templebargallery.com.

Download the Application Guidelines + Form

Deadline: Friday 27 October 2023