Ramon Kassam Paintings from The Last Gallery ⅋ Studio

  • 21 July — 10 September 2022

Further Information

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios is proud to present, Paintings from The Last Gallery ⅋ Studio, a new exhibition by Ramon Kassam.

Ramon Kassam’s self-referential attitude to painting includes third-person narratives and thematic world-building. His artworks are permeated with tactics and tropes that enliven storytelling through painting and display. In his most recent work, Kassam indulges an appetite of painterly fantasy, dreaming up a contemporary Irish painting folklore that connects reality with a fictional analogous universe.

The unmediated, occasionally unruly visual language of cities, suburbs and rural towns allows Kassam to mirror certain aspects of local and national identity within his own artistic vocabulary. It is not only the aesthetics of these chance juxtapositions that excite, but also the way a cultural style or character can be formed by the clash of heritage with branding, and artistic trends with legacy. Strategically combining colour, abstract forms and sometimes figurative imagery, Kassam creates arrangements that at times replicate studio accidents and experimentation. Each painting is also ingrained with its own individual history of failure, revision and resilience, with elements and layers added, removed, repainted, adjusted, and ascertained until it is brought to life.

In this exhibition, Kassam imagines paintings originating from the site of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios in an alternative present-time, where it is no longer in use and is approaching dereliction. Rather than pondering on this motif as something melancholic or pessimistic, Kassam’s intent is to romantically honour and celebrate painting and the physical spaces that facilitate and activate it. He is interested in visualising what kinds of paintings would be made or shown in such a place, and this is accomplished through playful canvases, architectural and digital intervention and a refined approach to presentation.

Ramon Kassam
began his art practice in Limerick and now lives and works in Kilkenny. His solo exhibitions include Green on Red Gallery, Dublin (Study for a Studio by the Sea, 2018 and Works, 2016); Gallery, Limerick City Gallery of Art (2015); Portrait Cuts Itself Out On The Floor, Pallas Projects, Dublin (2013). He has also participated in group exhibitions at Edythe Broad Art Museum, Michigan, USA; Glucksman, Cork; EVA International, Limerick. He was awarded the inaugural Next Generation award from the Arts Council (2016), participated in Welcome to the Neighbourhood residency, Askeaton Contemporary Arts (2016), Cow House Studios residency (2020), and formerly held a Project Studio in TBG+S in 2015.