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Wednesday 21 March, 6pm - 8pm

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“There is an eternal tree called the Ashvattha, (the tree of life in Sanskrit) which has its roots above and its branches below”.1

Unfamiliar familiar, a world on its head.

⊥ᴚƎƎ is a 30 foot oak tree suspended by its roots to hang down the central void of TBG+S.

⊥ᴚƎƎ hangs from the red beam on the top floor, passing the three oval voids, until its uppermost branches arrive below to hover in mid-air and rotate at a slow and even pace above the foyer on the ground floor.

The artist would like to acknowledge the contributions of Martin Oakes, Robert Oakes, Tanad Williams, Andreas Kindler von Knobloch, Patricia Béna Hanly and Stephane Béna Hanly.

Joe Hanly is one of the founders of Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. His practice combines painting and printmaking. He has exhibited extensively throughout Ireland since the early 1980s with solo exhibitions in at Project Arts Centre, Limerick City Gallery of Art, RHA Gallery, the Butler Gallery, the Model Sligo and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.

Temple Bar Gallery + Studios’ Atrium connects the public gallery to the individual artists’ private working spaces. Current TBG+S studio artists are invited to use the Atrium to test experimental work or exhibit ideas and artworks in progress.

1This quote is taken from the Katha Upandishad, an ancient Hindu text which unveils the secrets of life and death.