Re-charging Device

Re-charging Device


Re-charging device is a site-specific sculpture by artist Barbara Knezevic       installed  in the Atrium at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios until 24th May. It is composed of materials from various points on the triboelectric table; a table that describes the ability of materials to gain or lose electrons, a process that generates static electricity. The structure hangs from the disused painting winch beam on the top floor of the TBG+S building and extends to the ground floor, through the atrium.

Re-charging device is simultaneously structural, bearing it's own weight, and non-structural, serving no definitive architectural purpose. It is robust but with an impression of fragility; the fibrous components cling delicately to the main core of the structure, and respond to their surroundings, swaying gently in the breeze and as people pass by.

This work was made in response to the communal energy created in the building by the artists and staff at TBG+S; an energy that is exchanged invisibly throughout the space. Re-charging device channels an electro-static energy up and down it’s structure through what is often termed as the ‘void’ of the atrium; quietly charging, exchanging, changing.


Re-charging device,
2012, aluminium,
mild steel, stainless steel,
acrylic, acetal, nylon, ebonite, 
copper, silk fibre, wool fibre,
leather, dimensions variable.