OUR UNION ONLY IN TRUTH, 2013, 560cm x 280cm, painted mild steel

OUR UNION ONLY IN TRUTH is an art work by Garrett Phelan commissioned in 2013 by Temple Bar Gallery + Studios. It is located on the roof of the TBG+S building, looking out over Temple Bar Square. The piece serves as a landmark for the TBG+S building on the city skyline. It also shares a message that is purposefully subjective, but inherently positive. The multiple meanings in the sentence ‘OUR UNION ONLY IN TRUTH’ reclaim language from religious ideologies and bureaucratic systems into a proposal for a new union – one which we can all be a part of. This gives us the space to contemplate and re-imagine new belief systems as we endeavour to emerge from economic and social instability.

The work was made possible through the support of 114 individual funders sourced through the crowd funding website TBG+S and the artist Garrett Phelan would like to thank each of the funders for their support of the project.

The work can be viewed from Dame Street, Fleet Street, Fownes Street and Temple Bar Square.

Garrett Phelan has exhibited extensively in Ireland and internationally, most recently a major solo exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art and a commission for the 11th Lyon Biennale. His distinctive art practice directly engages with immersive and ambitious site-specific projects such as FM radio broadcasts, sculptural installations, photography and animation