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Paul Hallahan

The Prince, 2018, Acrylic ink and paint on canvas, 230cm X 160cm

Paul Hallahan

2018 - 2019

Paul Hallahan is a Dublin-based artist. Working with water-based paintings, installation and video, he uses pattern, repetition and chance to look at themes that explore perception and interaction with environment both on micro and macro scale. Varying in size: from very small sculptures to large-scale paintings, Hallahan’s work opens ups questions of how we see the basics. The primal mind is of huge interest to him as well as the way in which we read and interact with art both now and in the past.

From 2009 – 2012 he set up and ran Soma Contemporary In Waterford City, bringing an array of high profile Irish and international artists and their work to the city. In 2018 he won the prestigious Golden Fleece Award and has an upcoming solo exhibition in the Royal Hibernian Academy in November 2018. He has exhibited widely both in Ireland and internationally and his work is in national and private collections.

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