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New Black ‘n’ White - Finnish contemporary video screenings IC-98 // Paevey Hirsiaho // Juha Mäki-Jussila // Jani Ruscica. Curated by Laura Köönikkä

09 September - 09 October 2010

Temple Bar Gallery & Studios is pleased to present New Black’n’White a series of screenings of contemporary art from Finland. The artists involved in the show represent recent developments in the contemporary animation scene in Finland. All the works on display have been completed the period 2009-2010. 

In July 2010, Finnish curator Laura Köönikkä spent one month as a studio resident at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, as part of an exchange between Temple Bar Gallery & Studios and HIAP (Helsinki International Artist-in-residence Programme). Arising from her stay, she conceived of this exhibition showcasing new Finnish Animation. As part of the exchange, Irish artist Martin Healy will spend a period of time living and working at the Cable Factory studios in Helsinki in 2010

When we think of Finnish video/media art, our first thoughts are perhaps of large-scale video installations, interactive multimedia and impressive high tech presentation. Works by international Finnish artists such as Eija-Liisa Ahtila and Salla Tykkä present the narrative, dreamlike inner worlds – which mesmerize the viewer with strong images and narratives. Media artists like Terike Haapoja and Hanna Haaslahti interact with the audience, making them step or see into another reality, mixing up truth, human presence and technical prestidigitation.

The idea to screen a series of black and white animations by younger Finnish artists arose during Köönikkä’s stay at TBG&S. The obvious differences between these films and the above mentioned video/media artists works gives Köönikkä an opportunity to separate and define a new wave of animation in the Finnish contemporary art scene. According to Köönikkä, “Hand drawn animations are by nature fragile and epic, as you can almost see the touch of the artist in the film, the picture quivering and the image moving. There is something unifying in all the artworks of the screenings, perhaps it’s the authenticity or simplicity – but all in all there is something purely Finnish about the works.”

The exhibition will screen the work of one artist each week as follows:

IC-98:Thur 9th  September – Wed 15th September
Jani Ruscica Thurs 16th September – Wed 22nd September,
Juha Mäki-Jussila Thurs 23th September – Wed 29th September
Paevey Hirsiaho Thurs 30th October– Sat 9thOctober.

IC-98 (originally 'Iconoclast', founded in 1998) aims to realize its objectives typically in collaborations, drawings, animations and books. IC-98 was founded some ten years ago by Visa Suonpää (b. 1968) and Patrik Söderlund. For them contemporary art seemed to be the only area where it was possible to freely raise questions and provide alternative models and simultaneously to dig deep into the structures of society. IC-98 pencil drawn animations have obvious references to romantic Finnish landscape but the story behind every video has metaphorical observations of manhood, exploitation and opportunism.

Jani Ruscica
Jani Ruscica (b.1978 Savonlinna) is an artist working with film, video, photography and other media. His work Travelogue is part of Ruscica’s residency at the Magic Lantern at Camden Arts Center. Drawing on both contemporary and historical texts about the city of London, from travel guides and blog travelogues to 19th century fiction, Ruscica's film deconstructs the idea of the travelogue itself as romanticised history, factual document and idealised experience. ‘Travelogue’ points at two historically popular forms of travel entertainment - the moving panorama and the travelogue film - highlighting the gap between idea and experience, and the difficulties inherent in creating representations of a place.

Juha Mäki-Jussila
Juha Mäki-Jussila (b.1967 Ilmajoki) has been working with video art since the early 90’s. He’s work "Butterfly" is an experimental collage film about people who share an interest in cookie cutters. The animation is a good example of his work, in which a simple traditional form of a cookie cutter becomes abstract and variable.

Paevey Hirsiaho
Paevey Hirsiaho (b. 1987 Jyväskylä) is a young artist, she finished her BA in Tampere this spring. Her sensitive and intimate video animations together with the unique music she has composed and played create a strong ensemble. A sense of horror meets childhood memories and childlike imagination. There is always something more to remember in photographs then just the moment captured. 


Wednesday 8 September, 6-8pm

Artist Talks

Curators talk ‘Contemporary Finnish Video Art – Review: What’s happening now?’ 4pm Wednesday 8 September

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