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Navigations: per Forma 18 Artists, 6 Live Performances plus Gallery Programme

03 May - 19 May 2007


Edwina Ashton, Aideen Barry, Gordon Dalton, Douglas Fishbone, Stacy Makishi, Almagul Menlibaeva,
The Blue Noses Group, Iain Forysth and Jane Pollard, Richard Grayson, Bedwyr Williams, Anne McGuire & Wobbly, and “1927” Cabaret Most Curious: Miss Lillian Henley, Miss Esme Appleton, Master Paul Bill Barritt, Miss Suzanne Andrade.

Temple Bar Gallery and Studios’ forthcoming exhibition Navigations: per Forma offers a spectacle of art and entertainment. The exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of performing and theatrics.  Over seventeen days, the gallery will transform to host a number of ‘live’ acts ranging from curious cabaret to off-site guerilla puppetry, supported by a varied programme of video, film and drawing.  Navigations: per Forma is at Temple Bar Gallery and Studios from May 3rd until May 19th 2007.

Navigations: per Forma crosses the worlds of art and entertainment by exploring the live act, the record of an enactment as an artwork and finally, the note-taking and preparation that occurs for the performance. The hybrid approaches of the different artists plot courses between the ‘evidence’ and the instance of haptic experience.

The synergy between artist and audience is investigated over five evenings, during the opening and closing weekends, when the gallery becomes a club with an ambient cabaret atmosphere. Six artists travel to Ireland especially to perform at Temple Bar Gallery; each artist is available for media interview on the days of their performances.

Leading up to the exhibition, from April 26th – 29th, UK artist Edwina Ashton takes to the streets, shops and bars of Temple Bar with her off-beat puppet show. The playful puppets, hand-made by Ashton, are manipulated to act and interact with customers, bartenders or to perform monologues, offering small tableaus of anthropomorphic activity. Ashton videos the footage and exhibits the final edited version in the gallery.  
UK-based artist, Douglas Fishbone performs a witty and outrageous commentary to imagery found on the web in a critique of the more problematic aspects of our society on Friday May 4th.

The aptly named 1927 Cabaret Most Curious perform with Miss Lillian Henley tinkling the old ivories, the porcelain faced performance of Miss Esme Appleton, the Faustian animations of Master Paul Bill Barritt and the terrible tales of Miss Suzanne Andrade on Saturday May 5th.

On Thursday May 17th, San Francisco-based Anne McGuire, accompanied by electronic musician Wobbly, performs as her alter ego Freddy McGuire in twisted lounge mode. Widely regarded for her video work, Anne McGuire also exhibits her confessional-style video diaries for public consumption in Temple Bar Gallery.

Hawaiian artist, Stacy Makishi brings Bull: The True Story, her unique fusion of theatre, music, film and text inspired by the film Fargo to the gallery on Friday 18th May, 

The closing act on Saturday 19th May is Bedwyr Williams, who reminisces in his distinct surrealistic style of humour about a florist from his childhood who collected quotations from customers.

Ongoing in Temple Bar Gallery for the duration of Navigations: per Forma is a wide-reaching and interesting programme of video, film and drawing. Messiah, by UK artist Richard Grayson, is a dual screen video installation, based on a reworked version of Handel’s masterpiece performed by the Australian country and western band The Midnight Amblers. Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, from the UK, are pioneers of a current trend exploring reenactment as an artistic genre. Their video Walking After Acconci (Redirected Approaches) references a seminal video work made in 1973 by performance artist Vito Acconci. Similarly, the duo’s second piece Walk With Nauman (Re-Performance Corridor) references Bruce Nauman’s Performance Corridor and his related video, Walk with Contrapposto, both from 1968. Beauty and violence converge in Almagul Menlibaeva’s video Apa to interrogate Kazakhstan’s ancient culture while also exploring female identity. Irish artist Aideen Barry’s heavily gothic performance is shown alongside a back drop of her drawings, which are the first stage of her investigation into the concept for the act. The Blue Noses Group, comprising duo Vyacheslav Mizin and Alexander Shaburov from Siberia, critique the use of contemporary arts within Russia’s capitalist boom with their video Two against Mafia.

Admission to all events for Navigations: per Forma is free and open to the public.

Dates:   Artist: Performances (8pm):
26th – 29th April  Edwina Ashton  Under the Bed
4th May  Doug Fishbone  Towards a common understanding
5th May “1927” Cabaret Most Curious
with Miss Lillian Henley, Miss Esme Appleton, Master Paul Bill Barritt, Miss Suzanne Andrade
17th May Anne McGuire & Wobbly The Freddy Maguire Show
18th May Stacy Makishi  Bull: The True Story
19th May Bedwyr Williams  The Florist


Exhibition Launch: Thursday, 3rd May 2007, 6-8pm

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