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Studio 6 Open: Celina Muldoon | Live Installation/Performance

27 May 2017

Saturday 27 May 2017 | 8pm
Live Installation/Performance
Celina Muldoon
Studio 6, TBG+S (Entrance through the side door, Fownes St. Lower)
Tickets €8, book your ticket here.

Adorned in lavishly constructed costumes, multiple performers interact with and invite audience participation to interrogate and challenge notions around stereotypical ideas of representation and identity. The event commences with a voyeuristic tableaux and transfigures into a role swapping spectacle. Militaristic helmets adorned with go-pro cameras; live footage streamed to monitors positioned among the audience. How do we respond when the gaze is flipped? What unfolds when...'The Watcher'... becomes... The Watched? The farce plays out; perpetual; nonsensical; tit for tat squabbling; resonating; an underlying collective understanding. We are passively and unconsciously subject to constant scrutiny.

This 'Untitled' live interactive installation is an architecturally informed response to Studio 6 and The Atrium Space in TBG+S. Referring to Foucault's Panopticon theory, Judith Butler’s 'Gender Performativity' and analysing the body as representation of political agency, the work is realised through a sci-fi re-enactment of mythological narratives.

Designed by Jeremy Benthom in 1798 the Panopticon is a laconic architectural construct of modern disciplinary power. With this in mind Muldoon attempts to initiate dialogue between the elliptical aspect of Temple Bar Gallery and Studios' Atrium space and Bentham's design. Foucault proposes that not only prisons but all hierarchical structures like army barracks, schools, hospitals and factories have evolved through history to resemble Bentham's Panopticon. Borrowing from this concept this live interactive event plays with the subject of surveillance and Butler's ideas around phenomenology and lived experience.

Celina Muldoon graduated with a MFA from NCAD in 2016. Recent exhibitions/performances include HAHAHAHAHAHA…… at MART gallery, Hand luggage, The Arches, Glasgow and Still at The Complex, Dublin. Muldoon investigates relationships between socio-political structures and the body. Rooted in performance, her practice spans live work, documentation of its products and traces and the representation of these in other forms. Gender, abjection and ritual are themes around which Muldoon creates her exquisitely adorned alter egos. Mischievously toying with domestic role playing through the re-enactment of mythological narratives, questioning perpetuated notions of everyday life and engaging the viewer as participant and as witness.

Celina Muldoon’s Live Installation/Performance takes place as part of TBG+S’ Studio 6 Open programme and is curated by Roisin Bohan with support from Dublin City Council.

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